A self-confessed anti political, Asenla has been highly ambitious and a career oriented woman. Despite of belonging to a political background, she never had the interest of involving herself into politics in anyway. A graduate in Business Management and Masters in Marketing Science, she wanted to be an entrepreneur through which she could influence several lives positively. “I want to be a source of livelihood for atleast 100 homes in my country,” she confides.

Occupied with work and family, Asenla was among the ones who always wanted the world to change for better but she refrained from being a part of the change. Her father, Shri Gilbert Mendonca once said to her – “Why sit at home and scream. Go out and be the change”. These inspiring words from her father and the social circumstances of an under developed city, prompted her to take up a role and make a difference.

She realizes the need of dynamic and educated individuals with real and bold approach. Inherited with leadership, now came the time when she decided to lead from the front. Hers is an open forum to share thoughts and exchange ideas for the betterment of the society.